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Digital Hubbers are companies which have a membership to the Net Service Digital Hub network: a community of excellence in innovation and a gateway to the digital revolution.

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Digital Manufacturing

Angolo 3D is designed to promote knowledge regarding digital design in 3D printing. A project idea is always a foundation for any product. Today, this concept can be realized digitally, obtaining a virtual prototype that can be made into a physical model. Angolo 3D supports Small and Medium Enterprises in the realization of their conceptual ideas and prototypes, developing the original range of products, communicating digital culture, and presenting an increasingly useful competitive lever. Angolo 3D’s services are available to anyone looking to be innovative with the use of digital design tools and best practices. The route is laid out, ready to follow.

Infrastructure Provider

Acantho is the digital company of the Hera Group which, over fifteen years ago, has undertaken the development of a proprietary ultra-wide fiber optic network. Dedicated to serving the main cities of the Emilia-Romagna region, the network now covers 4,200 km (2,100 of which on the underground network) and has recently reached the provinces of Padua and Trieste, with further expansion planned on the north-east front. Acantho provides companies and individuals with high-performance connectivity, high reliability, maximum system security, data and service continuity. This is thanks to its Data Centers based in Imola and Milan.

Marketing & Communication

Alternative Group is a hybrid of a creative, ideation lab, and an efficient, cutting-edge, start-up. With a goal, not to advertise, but to focus on solving individual clients' business challenges. How? Smart working with the best international talent.

Advisory & Consulting

Cardea S.r.l. was founded in 2004 to pursue innovation at all levels and offer tailored solutions to customers, enhancing internal research and development. The company's objectives are: to operate in the technological and process innovation sector, and to research and propose optimal solutions to finance investments within the markets. To improve operational efficiency, Cardea utilises innovative, web-based technology. In recent years, the company has increased focus on the emerging field of renewable energy. Cardea also supports local companies and public bodies in presenting national and European co-financing projects. The customer is directly involved in the entire contribution management cycle, customising solutions to specific needs.

Professional Training

Centoform is an accredited professional training institution. It was founded in 2001 by experienced consultants and freelance professionals, specialists in business consultancy in the areas encompassing vocational training (also for the unemployed), business organization, Information Technology and human resource services, both at internal of public and private training structures. The institution is accredited by the Emilia-Romagna region, associated with Confindustria Emilia, and has been operating for over fifteen years at local, national and European levels, participating in projects and partnerships with associative and training organisations, universities and research institutes. Centoform develops innovative training, consulting, and technical culture orientation initiatives, connecting regional, national and European networks. Centoform is networking and training for innovation.

Event Management Platform

Eventboost is an all-in-one, web-based platform that allowing users to easily manage invitees and attendees, before, during, and after an event, including paid and multilingual. This facilitates users to maximize efficiency and ROI at events such as: conferences, forums, training courses, fairs, exhibitions, and gala dinners.

Human Science

Fare Ricerca is an institution that promotes and enhances the knowledge of human and social sciences in three professional areas: research, training, and publication. The organization works towards developing expertise and qualitative methodologies with the aim of promoting the knowledge of the human and social sciences within the professional contexts related to industry 4.0 and the civic sector. Fare Ricerca carries out research, business consultancy, market research and brand development, socio-cultural impact studies with qualitative analysis, digital ethnography, corporate ethnography, conversational and communication analysis. Fare Ricerca coordinates training courses, training and development courses, conferences, conferences, and workshops, also offering teaching support services for public and private organizations. Fare Ricerca carries out digital content production services and distributes research results through its communication channels, both academic and editorial.


FlossLab is the first spin-off of the University of Cagliari , a university derived from the activities and skills of the Agile Group, a research group on software engineering and in particular Agile methodologies and Open Source software. The company aims to industrialize the results of the research and to offer advanced software solutions for both public and private organizations on the market. At the end of June 2018 the Bolognese company Net Service SpA became the majority shareholder of FlossLab.


Innovation 2020 is an Italian innovation podcast. Leading discussions of innovation in Italy, listening and sharing ideas. An oasis of thought-provoking conversation surrounding areas of work and innovative practice. A place of exchange, where each innovator brings his contribution and point of view, back-by experience. Innovation 2020 has chosen audio communication its medium, combining the fascination and usability of radio with the most modern technologies: because the future needs it. Available on Spotify, Itunes, Google Podcast, Spreaker.

Web Agency

Magilla is a Digital Marketing agency based in Bologna. Thanks to its creative adaptability, strategic approach, and mastery of the most innovative technological tools, Magilla Guerrilla is able to accompany companies in their growth, helping them to achieve their goals in the era of digital transformation.

Digital Media Distribution

Natlive operates in the digital, media, mobile, advertising, entertainment, online advertising, internet, and IP television sectors. With offices in the United States (Miami) and Italy (Forlì -Milano), it is able to technologically enable changes in the world of media, with the ability to interpret innovation, making it functional to the needs of customers.

Digital Transformation

A joint stock company that has been operating for twenty years in the Information Technology, Software Development, Cyber ​​Security, Information Management, and Technology Provider sectors. The solutions developed by the company aim to improve customers' technological platforms, making the best anti-intrusion technologies available to them and managing the provision of services in ISO 27001 certified environments.

Business Consulting

OIKOS AREA designs and delivers consulting, training and auditing services, proposing itself as a partner for projects concerning business organization and management, environmental and social sustainability, risk management, compliance and certification.

Innovation Coaching & Advisory

Partners4Innovation, part of the Digital360 group, provides consulting and training services to companies and public administration to support Digital Transformation and Entrepreneurial Innovation. The approach of Partners4Innovation is unique due to the company's use of tailored methodologies, benchmarks, and specialist data which overcomes the limitations of traditional consulting. The service offers businesses and public administrations, of any size, solutions designed to enrich and enhance the vision, skills, and capacity of decision-makers within the organisation.

Cyber Security

Quantum Leap (= Quality Jump ) is a company founded in 2004 by the entrepreneurial spirit of some professionals operating, for several years, in the IT and Information Security fields. The goal of the company is to help companies design and implement cutting-edge information management infrastructures.

Integrated Reporting

Sara Cirone Group Srl Società Benefit is a consultancy company which specialises in non-financial reporting, assessment of intangible capital, and sustainable strategic development for companies, public administrations, and non-profit organizations. However, above all, the company specialises in Integrated Reporting. The mission of Sara Cirone Group Srl Benefit Company is to contribute to the development of the regions, spreading economic models, and sustainable forms of business, joining together all the key players of the region and communicating the culture of intangible capital, non-financial information, and the UN 2030 Agenda supporting sustainable development.

Digital Manufacturing

TheFabLab is a digital fabrication and Industry 4.0 laboratory. It is aimed at Italian start-ups, Small and Medium Enterprises and large manufacturing multinationals, providing them with the skills and tools necessary to support their transformation path towards industry 4.0.

Fintech Company offers a simple and cost-free tool for merchants, companies or professionals who want to give their customers the opportunity to pay in bitcoins, receiving euros.


UNINETTUNO is the International Telematic University which issues legally recognized academic qualifications in Italy, Europe and some Mediterranean countries. These are titles pertaining to different university faculties and related to first level degrees, specialist degrees, research doctorates and masters.

The organizational structure of UNINETTUNO is reticular : it provides for a Central Coordination Office, virtual learning spaces and numerous Technological Poles and production centers located throughout the national and international territory and telematically connected to each other. Established by a decree of 15 April 2005 by the Ministry of Education, University and Research, UNINETTUNO now boasts a rich educational offer and a teaching staff from some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

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