The new Uninettuno Technology Center for assistance and exams is located at the Net Service Digital Hub offering everything students and teachers need and more

The International Telematic University Uninettuno and the Net Service Digital Hub have started the Uninettuno Bologna Technological Centre. The Centre is located in the capital of Emilia-Romagna, in via Ugo Bassi 7, in the Digital Hub built by Net Service S.p.A.


The new Technology Centre has 800 square meters of multi-purpose, technological, and interactive facilities, providing students and teaching staff with:

  • A Conference Room with 80 seat set-up for lectures, videoconferences, and video lessons
  • Coworking Facility, a 40-seat room ideal for group working and organising activities with Lego, Post-it notes, and writable walls.
  • Three Meeting Rooms
  • Members Area with chairs and tables to relax, revise, chat, and hang out while waiting for the lesson or exam to begin.
  • Break-Out Room with a coffee machine and water dispenser
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi access

The Digital Hub also has an on-site administrative and teaching secretary who will guide the student during the day of the exam. Additional optional services are also available.

Dott.ssa Valentina Biondi

Frequently Asked Questions

The Technological Center is an educational institute, equipped with cutting edge information and communication technologies, national and international reach. The aim of the facility is to provide a physical place for students, teachers, and tutors to interact, as well as provide students with the technology needed to follow distance learning courses, participate in educational activities by videoconference, and take exams.
To register for an exam session, choose a date for the exam which you want to participate and contact the Uninettuno administration office.
To cover organisation and logistical costs, Net Service Digital Hub requires a payment fee of €50.00 (including VAT) per day of examinations. 
If several exams are held on the same day, the fee charged does not change.

Once the registration has been confirmed, payment can be made easily online: select the desired date on the drop-down menu, click on the "Purchase" button and follow the payment procedure.

On the day of the exam please bring a proof of identity and the receipt certifying payment of the registration fee for the exam session.

If a student makes the payment, but for various reasons he can no longer take the exam, he can use the amount previously paid for the next session or request a refund through the e-mail address info@netservice-digitalhub.com.

The Uninettuno Bologna Technology Center is located in the heart of the city and is well connected by public services however it has limited access to cars. If it is not possible to avoid the travelling by car, it is suggested to either buy a temporary access ZTL pass, or park outside the Parcheggio Tanari car park and then use a bus to reach the Center (using a bus service results in free parking), or go to Garage Marconi parking passing through the prohibited area (ZTL). By parking the car here any fine will be cancelled.