BLOCKCHAIN: The New Industrial Revolution

Alessandro Basile brings a profound panoramic view of the story of Blockchain and his vision of the technology’s future

4 July 2019
17:00 - 20:00
Via Ugo Bassi 7


Blockchain and its applications are revolutionising the world. However, understanding of the technology remains in its infancy. Very often most will think Blockchain technology to be the same as Bitcoin, or that the application of Blockchain within a company serves solely to create a certified, secure transaction log. These same people are unaware that Blockchain offers far more diverse applications. Not all, then, are at a level of understanding to evaluate the technology and take full advantage.
"It is precisely to address these problems, encountered daily in the workplace environments, that I decided to write this book” - Alessandro Basile, author of the book Blockchain. The new industrial revolution - The book is aimed at those who are new to Blockchain, or who have a foundation of the subject and intend to investigate it further. Its purpose is to give an overview of the history of the Blockchain, from its origins up to its potential future. The book provides a logical thread and panoramic view of everything that is happening in Blockchain technology.”
The first chapters look at Blockchain in a general sense, its variants, and its initial applications, namely Cryptocurrencies. The book continues with an in-depth study of Smart Contracts (which despite the name, are difficult to qualify as a "contract"), and on the new methods of capital raising through ICO. Therefore, a section of the book is devoted for the reader to evaluate how to make investments, both financially and technologically, aimed at the implementation of Blockchain. Finally, possible future prospects are discussed with respect to current trends and uses of the technology. The book is detailed with in-depth, legal analysis, a subject still sensitive regarding Blockchain and its applications.


The event, featuring author, Alessandro Basile, and also speaker Daniele Pregnolato, aims to give an understanding of the applications of Blockchain, in addition to Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, etc...), and how these can be a source of innovation for corporate organisations and support development within relevant markets. Key topics addressed during the event include: transaction tracking, value digitalization, and process automation.


The event is open to all interested in Blockchain, regardless of their level of background knowledge.



Blockchain Legal Advisor

Alessandro Basile graduated in Law and began to work with law firms. During this time he specialised in strategy consulting for companies, and attended a Master's degree for business jurists and founded two start-ups. He is highly specialised in consulting with companies for compliance with the GDPR, and has acquired additional skills in the management of business processes. Thanks to acquired legal and economic experience, Basile specialises in consulting to innovative companies for new technologies and has become a partner of a consulting company. Alessandro also participates in events as a speaker and performs training in universities and innovation schools.



Daniele Pregnolato is CEO of, the bitcoin payment processor partner of The Rock Trading group (, the world's longest-running cryptocurrency exchange. Blockchain evangelist, entrepreneur, and expert in cryptocurrency payment systems, Pregnolato is also an advisor of the multidisciplinary consortium Cryptovalues ( and, since 2013, has been an administrator of various groups and Meetups active in the dissemination of Bitcoin / Blockchain technologies.