How to invest in Positive Organizations, and why

29 February 2020
10:00 - 12:30
Via Ugo Bassi 7


Net Service’s Digital Hub welcomes CreativeMornings BOF to the Events Hall as the latest participant of the INVEST series. Its theme, centred around investment topics, is common among cities around the world. However, Bologna will be focussed on a very specific aspect: how to invest in Positive Organizations.

Veruscka Gennari, founder of the 2BHappy Agency, will discuss a detailed approach, providing participants with the tools necessary to initiate a positive movement and pathway to success on the foundation of happiness and well-being.


10.00 - Participant registration and welcome coffee

10.30 - CreativeMornings presentation by Valentina Bazzarin

10.45 - Veruscka Gennari presents Positive Organizations: investing in happiness as a skill to generate a new culture of work

11.30 - Networking and more coffee

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2BHappy Agency

Philosopher, thought-leader, trainer, and scholar, Veruscka Gennari is a leader in the change of organisations and the Science of Happiness. Co-founder and member of the Scientific Committee of the 2BHappy Agency, she has led the Italian division of Six Seconds, a worldwide network of applied EQ (emotional intelligence), and has worked as a consultant alongside companies, managers and teams for twelve years. In 2013, Gennari began the 3.0 phase of her life: she became a mother, an entrepreneur and specialised in the Science of Happiness. In 2015 she founded 2BHappyAgency with Daniela Di Ciaccio, a hub which researches and discusses the Science of Happiness throughout Italy aimed at the positive transformation of society through the geni positivi network. In 2016, they were invited to the United Nations in Geneva to present their work. Veruscka Gennari co-authored (with Daniela Di Ciaccio) La Scienza delle Organizzazioni Positive. Far fiorire le persone e ottenere risultati che superano le aspettative. (Franco Angeli, 2018).


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