THE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. Opportunities for the birth of new business models

Training Course powered by Consorzio IRIS for ITEMA

15 May 2020
10:00 - 02:10
Via Ugo Bassi 7
Digital Transformation

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Below is a brief description of the modules with the time and date of each session:

  • Friday 8th May 2020 - 10AM to 12PM (CET) via Microsoft Teams
    Introduction: basic concepts and methodology of the course
    VIDEO           DOWNLOADS           

  • Friday 15th May 2020 - 10AM to 12PM (CET) via Microsoft Teams
    Module 1: Digital transformation, a strategic component to growth and development
    VIDEO           DOWNLOADS 
    • What is digital transformation within a company environment? Learn about the competitive advantages possible with new production, organizational and marketing models
    • Change Management: incoming professional roles and their requirements in terms of relevant skills, attitudes, tools and leadership
    • New technological platforms to support new business models
  • Friday 22nd May 2020 - 10AM to 12PM (CET) via Microsoft Teams
    Module 2: Industry 4.0
    VIDEO          DOWNLOADS
  • Friday 29th May 2020 - 10AM to 12PM (CET) via Microsoft Teams
    Module 3: Industry 4.0 - Smart Factory

  • Friday 5th June 2020 - 10AM to 12PM (CET) via Microsoft Teams
    Module 4: A.R., Customer-centric and Digital Product Management
    VIDEO          DOWNLOADS

  • Friday 12th June 2020 - 10AM to 12PM (CET) via Microsoft Teams
    Module 5: Equipment as a Service - Manufacturing of the future
  • Friday 19th June 2020 - 14.30AM to 14.30PM (CET) via Microsoft Teams
    Module 6: KICK OFF meeting ITEMA DIGITAL
    You are requested to take active part to the discussion at TOP 3.
    Please take a moment to read the Agenda:  
    TOP 1
    Ugo Ghilardi: Itema as Solution Provider 
    TOP 2 Ugo Ghilardi: Machine & Digitization 
    TOP 3 Round-table debate: Our own Digital Roadmap. 
    You are asked to provide a feedback on digitalization in 1 minute by sharing with the team your personal commitment 
    Please reply during the round-table to this question: What are the focus points you will be working on starting from today?
    TOP 4 Ugo Ghilardi: Kick Off ITEMA Digital

The course duration is 12 hours with 6 sessions lasting 2 hours each.
At the end of the course, a day will be dedicated to working on a project for the final assessment to evaluate the overall understanding of the learning objectives of the individual modules.

Consorzio IRIS is offering a set of six training modules to introduce ITEMA S.p.A. to the theme of Digital Transformation.
This training program is designed to educate, with a 360 degrees perspective, around the subject of "digital transformation".
In doing so, the course analyzes how digital transformation has evolved, how it continues to change business processes and the professional roles within them.
This also includes the introduction of new business models and drivers of change, new technological platforms, and the use of Data and Cyber ​​Risk in order to allow a company layout successful business strategies that can turn the challenges into an opportunity to develop and grow.


Consorzio Iris

Management Consulting

Il Consorzio Iris intende affiancare e guidare le piccole e medie imprese italiane nell’applicazione dei precetti dell’Industria 4.0, che variano dall’adozione delle tecnologie abilitanti più o meno complesse alla sicurezza informatica, dalla redazione di policy sul trattamento dei dati con relativa copertura legale all’offerta formativa sia per i dipendenti che per il management. Per il raggiungimento degli obiettivi il Consorzio Iris si avvale di importanti collaborazioni con Università e Professori Universitari, Centri di Ricerca Nazionali ed Europei, Società d’Ingegneria Tecnica e Gestionale, Studi Legali e Tecnici Informatici poiché solo da un humus culturale eterogeneo e composito e dalla dialettica costruttiva di tutti i diversi aspetti del Sapere Umano possono venire fuori delle idee veramente in grado di traghettare le imprese verso il futuro.