Marketing Privacy Specialist

Training and certification as a Privacy Specialist in Marketing

10 September 2019
09:00 - 18:00
Via Ugo Bassi 7
Marketing & Communication


New European regulations have made it necessary for companies to analyse and refine measures concerning the collection, processing, and storage of personal data in order to respect the rights of the individual.

Due to extensive direct communication and customer care activities towards customers, marketing within a business generates and manages a large fraction of a company’s inbound personal data from its consumer. Failure to evaluate and apply correct procedures and tools within marketing activity may severely impact an organisation and prove to be consequential.

The Marketing Privacy Specialist course provides robust certification of the necessary skills to comply with the regulations and benefit businesses.

The training course is divided into three days (10th, 11th and 16th September 2019) and gives certification of key skills [UNI 11697 - scheme SK33-rev01].

The program teaches participants on the procedures when generating new business leads, how to correctly evaluate tools to implement, and the implications when processing (profiling) and retaining the data.

At the end of the Masters course, an examination is scheduled to assess the participant’s understanding. With this educational qualification, experience, and hours of training, you will be able to gain certification of your skills.


MODULE 1: Principles of the GDPR for marketing

MODULE 2: Corporate culture and staff training

MODULE 3: Inbound marketing and consent: non-sales relations

MODULE 4: Compliance of the tools

MODULE 5: Online marketing compliance

MODULE 6: Offline marketing compliance

Download the program for more information on the course.




Originally from Turin, Donatella Ardemagni studied at the l’Università Statale di Milano, where she graduated in Filosofia Morale (Moral Philosophy) in 1994. While also in Milan, in 2013 she founded 39Marketing a communication and digital marketing agency. Ardemagni is also a speaker and lecturer in content marketing and social media marketing with events and courses, as well as the author of the book Digital Marketing ai tempi del GDPR (Digital Marketing at the time of the GDPR) published by ITER.


For over twenty years Angelo Modica has worked with Analysis of Business Processes and Document Dematerialization. A software analyst and IT Security expert, he specialised in the field of Privacy and the implementation of GDPR compliant systems, exploring these issues with a practical consulting approach to support professionals and companies of various sizes and sectors. Teaching the training course “Esercitazioni Privacy” (Privacy Tutorials) with ITER, Modica is the author of the book Esercitazioni Privacy. Il GDPR in pratica. (Exercises Privacy. The GDPR in practice).